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Daycare Magic Adventures!

About Daycare Magic Adventures:

Hi!  I’m California Joe!  I am an explorer magician who travels to world entertaining kids with magic, science and history.  My shows for daycares are specifically designed to include 2-year-olds!  I even go a step further an offer a “two-for-one” type package where the two-year-olds get their own, private, 15 minute show just for them!  And then, I will perform a 30-minute show for the other age groups.  If you would rather mix all of the ages together, that is fine too.  You know your students better than me and if you think they can sit through a 45-minute show, then I’ll trust your judgement.  We can always set the two-year-olds off too the side so they can be quietly taken out if they decided they’ve had enough.  All shows are just $300!

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California Joe: Adventure Magic Show

California Joe is a magical explorer who travels the world in search for magic’s greatest secrets! All of the kids become junior explores. They join California Joe on a magical journey around the world. Each trick is from another time and place.

The show is highly interactive. The kids get to come up and help with the tricks. There are surprises around every corner!

The running time is 45 – 60 minutes.

California Joe: Dino Magic Show!

Go back 65 million yearsThe California Joe Adventure Show!  The kids get a hands-on experience with fossils, dinosaurs, and magic!  Like all of my shows, The dinosaur magic show is highly interactive with audience participation every step of the way.  

The running time is 45 – 60 minutes.

California Joe: The Science of Magic

Explore the Science of Magic! California Joe teaches how magicians use science to perform magic tricks! SPOILER ALERT!! Some magic tricks WILL be revealed. This show is hands-on. The kids come up to help with the magic experiments. We explore how magicians use things like camouflage, optical illusions, static electricity, and more!

At the end of the show, all of the kids in attendance get to take home their own optical illusion at no additional charge!

The running time is 45 – 60 minutes.


Special Pricing and Discounts!

Double-Header Discount – If I can perform 2 shows in one day either at the same location or two different locations in the same area, I will take $25 off both shows!  This is perfect for larger daycares that want to separate groups and it is a great for two neighboring daycares.

Loyalty Program – I reward loyal clients who choose to book multible shows within one year of their first show.  The first show is full price at $300.  Every show after that booked within one year of the first show will be reduced by $25.  Example: Show A is $300.  Show B will then be $275.  Then $250.  So on and so forth!

Referral Discount – I will take $25 off your upcoming show for every referral you send me!  If another daycare tells me that you referred them, and they book a show, I will take $25 off your invoice!  If I receive 12 referrals from you, then your show will be FREE!  Remember, in order to qualify, the referred client MUST book and actually HOST a show.  And, of course, you can apply this discount to future shows.  I’ll even let you spread it out to help over multible shows.