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Birthday Party Ideas!

These birthday party ideas and upgrades will
help make your child’s special day more special!

Everything on this page is in addition to my birthday party packages.  They cannot be purchased on their own.  Be sure to check out my party packages and prices before scrolling through the add-ons.
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Balloon Candy Cups – $7 each or 20-count for $100

Among the most common birthday party ideas is goodie-bags.  They normally cost between $5-$10 and you have to do all the work putting them together.  In the end, the kids play with the goodies, but then throw out the bags.

What if, instead of goodie-bags, you had something that also doubled as a center piece or decoration?  That’s I made Balloon Candy Cups!  I can’t take credit for this idea.  They were taught to be by a world renowned balloon decorator.  And now, I can share with with you!

My Balloon Candy Cups are filled with candy and one magic trick, topped with a fun balloon design.  Of course, they don’t have to be hearts.  I can theme them to your party.  Recently, I made 50 Spiderman Balloon Candy Cups for the child of recording artist Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose (as seen on Dancing With The Stars).

kids birthday party magic show

Magic Lesson – $100 

Up to 20 kids

Need to keep the kids at the birthday party engaged for longer than one hour?  Let them learn some magic!

My magic lessons are fun and the kids will get to take home something in the end!  The lesson is like arts and crafts with magic!

At the end of the show, I will crack open my California Joe Box of Secrets.  It’s bin with arts and crafts supplies.  I will first demonstrate the trick they are going to learn.  Then, I will pass out the supplies and materials to create their very own magic trick!  I will have everything I need.  You won’t need to supply a thing.

The tricks I teach vary from brithday party to birthday party.  I wouldn’t want the kids to make something they already have!  I do this because most of my shows are referrals.  Your child may be a guest at another birthday party where I could be performing.