Special Needs Programs


Due to the COVID 19 pandemic all in-person performances are canceled until further notice.
I am now offering online Virtual Magic Shows.
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Everyone deserves to enjoy magic!  I have performed special needs programs throughout my 20-year-long career.  It is always a joy and a pleasure!  The keys to performing special needs programs are respect, understanding, and knowledge.  Though I am not a medical professional, I have educated myself on the dos and don’ts when working with special needs adults and children.

It is called a “spectrum” for a reason.  There are many types of special needs and they vary from person to person.  There is no one-right-way to work with an individual.  Active listening is a requirement.  I also make it a point to ask the staff pertinent questions before the show.  Your staff members are the experts and I will always yield to their better knowledge.

About Special Needs Programs

Making them comfortable:

  1. I speak in a low, calming voice.
  2. The music is kept low with no sudden bursts of sound.
  3. No flashing lights.
  4. I move around the audience so everyone can see.
  5. I do no get close to or approach individuals without permission.

Keeping them engaged:

  1. I ask questions during the show to make sure they are following along.
  2. They feel as if they are the ones making the magic happen.
  3. Those who wish to participate get to come up and help with the magic!
  4.  I use highly visual magic tricks.

Showing them respect:

  1. No one is forced to participate.
  2. If anyone wanders up onto the stage, they get to be part of the act. 
  3. The staff is called on to help with the interaction.
  4. There is a message of empowerment infused into every show.

Questions and Booking Info

If you have questions about my
Special Needs Programs
please feel free to call or email:

1 (877) 210 – 1882 ex.2

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