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Happy Diwali!

Celebrate the New Year 
With Diwali Magic And Balloon Twisting

diwali orange county magic magician
Diwali is a time of celebration!  Get dressed up and celebrate the festival of lights!

What better way is there to celebrate the Hindu New Year than a Diwali magic show? A little Diwali Magic reminds us that nothing is impossible!

Let me help you celebrate this magical time of year with my California Joe Magical Adventure Show!  In addition to performing a world class Diwali magic show, I can also light up the children with amazing balloon twisting after or before the show.

About The Diwali Magic Show

kids magician orange county
For your Diwali celebration, I will perform one of the funnest magic shows the members of your congregation will ever experience!  It is highly interactive.  The kids get to participate every step of the way.  At no point to the just “sit and watch.”  It is fun for the whole family.  Even the teenagers will love it!

The California Joe Magical Adventure Show features magic tricks from around the world.  It is very diverse.  All of the tricks are designed to be like a game, where the kids ALWAYS  win!  After all, kids already believe in magic, right?  This is why the emphasis is on FUN!  I do not embarrass the kids or make anyone feel foolish.