“Best magic show I’ve seen, hands down…I could not recommend him more…fabulous job…Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Stacey Stem

PTA, Travis Ranch Elementary, Yorba Linda

Best Anaheim Kids Magician

California Joe performs for children all over Anaheim.  His birthday party show is super fun! The kids get to participate every step of the way.  The birthday child receive a FREE magic kit at the end of the show!  And all of the kids will get a FREE optical illusion.  To make the birthday party more fun, you can add balloons and a magic lesson!  California Joe will lead the kids through a fun arts and crafts project.  They will get to make their own magic trick to take home.

Anaheim Parents

Parents in Anaheim love working with California Joe!  This will be the easiest magic show you ever book.  The options are simple.  The show always starts on time.  California Joe’s setup is quick and easy – no mess, no fuss.  The show can play indoors or out.  And satisfaction is guaranteed!

Trick of The Week Club

The Trick of The Week Club is a fun way for the kids to continue the magic at home.  Everyone two weeks the kids will receive a video teaching them a new magic trick.  You will also receive party tips and special announcements about magic happening in your community.

Anaheim Schools

California Joe offers Anaheim schools a number of different educational shows.

  • A Magical Adventure
    • California Joe’s main magic show explores cultural diversity through magic.  Each trick is from a different country.  The kids get to come up and help!  They become junior explorers!   They will see magic from around the world!
  • Be Your Best (anti-bullying)
    • Similar to the Magical Adventure Show, the kids will explore cultural diversity by experiencing magic from around the world! Only now, the focus is on character,teamwork, and cooperation. It is designed to teach the kids how to work together. Each trick requires at least two participants. Both participants have to work together in order for the trick to be a success!
  • Smart Choices (Red Ribbon)
    • This magic show is designed to be like a game show! With each trick, the kids will decide which is the “smart” choice, and which is the “sad” choice. Don’t worry, it is entirely fool-proof. The kids will get the right answer every time! The point is to teach the kids how to make smart choices.
  • Science of Magic
    • Explore the Science of Magic! California Joe teaches how magicians use science to perform magic tricks! SPOILER ALERT!! Some magic tricks WILL be revealed. This show is hand-on. The kids come up to help with the magic experiments. We explore how magicians use things like camouflage, optical illusions, static electricity, and more! The Science of Magic Show is perfect for schools and libraries.
  • Balloon Safari
    • What in the world is a balloon show? Great question! California Joe uses his balloon twisting skills to tell stories and play games. The balloons are used as set pieces, costumes and props. The kids get to be actors! They get to create the stories! The kids wear balloon animal masks and act like the animals. They decide what kind of story happens in this amazing balloon Jungle! This show is perfect for schools and libraries!