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About the Birthday Party Magic Show

Give your kids the best birthday ever!

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Nobody wants a boring birthday.  You want your child and their friends to have the best party ever!  You can make their party special with a birthday party magic show!  The show is a fully immersive experience!  It’s like going to a theme park.  The kids become part of the action!  My birthday party magic show is highly interactive.  The kids participate every step up the way.  I will bring your birthday boy or girl up on stage with me to perform magic tricks.  They will be the star of the show!  I work hard to make it all about them.  I will not do anything to embarrass the kids.  The focus is on them the entire time.

My birthday party magic show is adventure themed.  I play the character of California Joe: Magical Explorer!  All of the tricks follow this theme.  With your child’s help, I will perform magic from all over the world!  You’ve never seen  anything like it!  Even the parents will be in awe!!

One parent described my show as “Disney-esk.”  Meaning, it was a lot of fun for the kids, but the adults really enjoyed it too.

A FREE Magic Coloring Book comes with all packages!  Order the Elite Package and your child will also receive a California Joe Magic Kit!

Package and Prices

We have three different packages.  You are welcome to customize each package.  Some parents want a little more or less time and others want more time but no balloons.  All is doable.  For more about customization, see the last section on this page.

Simple Party Package – $250

What you get: 30-minute magic show
Deposit: $50

This package is exactly as it sounds.  It’s simple.  I show up, do the show, clean up, and then get out of your hair.  It’s a great addition to parties jam-packed with activities.

Adventure Party Package – $275

What you get: 30-minute magic show + Simple Balloon Twisting (up to 30 kids)
Deposit: $55

Henhance your adventure with balloon twisting!  In this package, we add on simple balloon sculptures that can be made in about one-minute or less.  This price of this package has a 30 kids cap for the balloon twisting.  One balloon sculpture per child.  If you estimate having more children or require more balloon twisting at your party, please see the last section about customization.

Examples of Simple Balloon Twisting

Adventure Party Package – $375

What you get: 45-minute magic show + Elite Balloon Twisting (up to 20 kids)
Deposit: $75

This show is perfect if the kids are 7-years-old or older.  The show itself is 15-minutes longer and the kids get Elite Balloon Sculptures at the end!

What are Elite Balloon Sculptures?  I’m glad you asked!  They are bigger balloon sculptures with more detail.  Big balloon characters like Spiderman or Ariel.  These sculptures require more balloons and more time.  Each Elite Balloon Sculpture could take up to 5-minutesThat is why I set the cap at 20 kids.  The whole thing, from start to finish could take up to 2.5 hours.  That includes the show, setup and breakdown, and the balloon twisting.  So, this package means more balloons and more time.  Plus, you get the artistry of really cool balloon twisting!  Which the kids really appreciate.  It’s also a nice way to show off to the other parents.  The other parents will be so jealous when they see the quality of work that I provide.  You’ll have them asking, “how’d you find this guy!”

And, to help with the balloon making process, I created an Elite Balloon Online Order Form.  The order form will be sent to you after the show is booked.  You can send it out to the other parents so their kids can pre-order a balloon.  This helps a great deal, especially for those parents leaving the birthday party early.  I can either have their balloons pre-made or at least have the right colors blown up and ready to twist before I get there!

Here are some Elite Balloon Samples!

Customized Pricing

Not every birthday party is the same.  I designed these package from 20-years of experience and over 2,000 shows.  They run like clockwork.  But, they only work as designed for about 95% of clients.  The other 5% need to make little tweaks here and there.

Here are some of the ways you can tweak the pricing.

  • Add Time:  You can more time to any package in 15-minute increments for $25 per increment.
  • Balloon Upgrade:  Some parents only want a 30-minute show with Elite Balloon Twisting.  That is totally fine.  I would still ring it up as the Elite Party Package but take off $25 for the shorter show.
    • 30-minutes is the minimum length of the show.  If you require a shorter show, the price will be the same.
  • More Kids:  Elite Balloons are $5 for each balloon sculpture over the 20 that comes with the package.  Simple Balloons are $2 per sculpture of the 30 that comes with the Adventure Package.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any further customization.

Qualified Discounts

Yes!  I do offer discounts to qualified clients.  If you are one of the following, you can save

10% Off Any Package!

PTA/O Member (You actually attend meetings)
Military (Active or Retired)
Clergy (Any Faith or Denomination)
Public Servant (Police Officer or Firefighter)

If you feel you qualify for the 10%, please feel free to ask.  ID may be required.
Limit 1 per party/event.

Wait, There’s More!!

In addition to everything you’ve read, I also offer wonderful items.

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